July 2022


Amazon /punkt de /dot com

I am not sure what to think of Amazon right now.

Friday I ordered some electronic equipment from the firm—grand total: less than 300€. I paid using a bank transfer, something I’ve never used with them before.

And my Amazon accounts were subsequently frozen for account verification.

On the face of it, account verification is probably a good thing, save for the fact that it was announced to me with an email that reads like the one below:

Dear Idiot,

Please send us a copy of your credit card and/or bank statement.

You can fax this vital piece of private information to 0049 U R A SUCKER.



They also didn’t send this phishy email to me (which I then enlisted a colleague to help me ascertain that it was legitimate) until after business hours Friday evening; and the fax number didn’t pick up.


The consequence for this was that I had opted for overnight delivery—so that I would be home Saturday when it was delivered, which, of course, it was not. It was finally shipped Monday, getting delivered today—while I was at work.

Thankfully I was able to ask my neighbors to get the delivery, and now, thanks to helpful customers at Amazon.de, I am enjoying a region free DVD.

3 comments to Amazon /punkt de /dot com

  • Jul

    Region-free DVD players rock! For some reason they are really easy to buy in CH.

  • Ed

    I don’t even know what a region free DVD player is.
    Adam, just put all your personal info here on your blog and we’ll be able to give it out to those who want it. Amazon.idiot

  • @jul: I think it’s cool that Amazon.de lets the information be posted right on the product page!

    @ed: DVD players, and DVDs themselves, are coded to work only in certain parts of the world. For example, a DVD bought in the USA will only work in the USA and Canada — region 1. DVDs sold in Europe are coded to region 2. However, one can buy a DVD player that is coded to play only DVDs from that area and make it play DVDs from all over the world. The DVD player I bought was coded to only play DVDs bought in Europe. After deregionalizing it, I was able to play my American DVDs.