January 2022


Cleansing Pow(d)er?

I am doing laundry: gone for two weeks and I have a lot of laundry (even though I was able to do laundry mid-trip).

Columbia SportswearHowever, I have a minor question. Whilst in Portland I picked up a new jacket for the fall and winter. It’s a fancy Columbia one, straight from their flagship store: Ice Ax Softshell in a nice Dark Adobe color. It’s the latest design, complete with fancy words to describe its technology: Titanium, Softshell, 4-way Stretch, Active Fit, and Omni-Tech. Some of these words are followed with ™ or ®, so you know it’s special.

It’s also not a Jack Wolfskin jacket, so I will be different and cool, at least in Germany.

I had my new jacket back at my hotel before I thought to read the cleaning instructions: it wants me to used powdered detergent.

Sitting on top of my machine is Persil Sensitive Liquid. Does anybody know of any particular reason why it matters whether I used liquid or powdered detergent to wash my new jacket?

5 comments to Cleansing Pow(d)er?

  • You use the powdered detergent because due to TSA regulations your cannot let anything liquid touch your clothing (including water) or you’ll be denied boarding onto a plane.

    Also, Department of Homeland Security regulations say that if you get any liquid on your clothing that you will be denied entry into the USA. So be careful when you go to the back room of the gay bar the evening before you board your flight.

  • hallo! ich bin auch eine ausgewanderte deutsche und habe gerade ganz zufaellig deinen blog gefunden. hoffe es ist ok wenn ich mal wieder vorbeischaue. liebe gruesse, steffi

  • Google says liquid detergent can clog the “pores” of those fancy breathable synthetic fabrics. ooh, freaky.

  • @cq: I think that any liquids I pick up in the back room ought to be 3.3/100ml or less… so it ought to be ok.

    @steffi: Hallo! Willkommen zu meinem blog. Bitte häufig zurückgekommen. Ich hoffe, daß Sie Arizona mögen. Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht. Vilen Dank für Google 🙂

    @CN: Next thing you know, we’re going to have acne medicine for the synthetic fabrics–thanks for the tip though. I tried googling it, but I mainly got a lot of opinions about powdered versus liquid and front loaders, how they dissolve etc… nothing really screamed out to me, “legitimate expert opinion here.”

  • I’ve never heard about the powdered versus liquid detergent but I have one for ya: We have a SPECIAL detergent we use for these breathable fabrics… I suppose it keeps the pores “open” or something. The instructions say that for best functionality, you should use it every other time the item is washed.