May 2021


Credit Card Update

I visited the bank today, and it seems that it wasn’t just my credit card information that was stolen, but rather a database was stolen that contained the credit card information for a number of my bank’s customers.

Had they included that information in the letter, I wouldn’t have panicked.

My new card should be here in either a week or two.

Fortunately I am not going anywhere until mid February, although that means that I cannot buy plane tickets until I get a new card… and I need to buy plane tickets for March.

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  • Jul

    Something similar happened to me a couple months ago. It was insanely annoying (and the bank did a horrible job of communicating why the card had been suddenly canceled). It made me happy that I keep a back-up card open with a different credit card company.

  • I have an American backup, but I hate using it… I think I might get a new German backup; I have an offer from Hilton Hhonors here in Germany for a credit card, but I haven’t looked at it closely yet.

  • You’ve inspired me with your link to Flight Memory. I went in and spent 4 hours tonight entering all my data, the best I can remember it. I’m sure I left out 2-4 round trips, and most of my army flying, since that flying was rarely round trip. 😉

  • @cq: you’ll need to make your memory public and tell me how to find it….

  • I have a link in my sidebar that points to my FlightMemory page now.

    My list is not nearly as impressive as yours.