November 2022



Last night I was somewhat restless, and when I woke at 3:30, I had a sore throat.

It was still with me at 6:30 when my alarm went off, so I opted to spend the day at home, sleeping, reading, and eating chicken soup. I dozed for a bit and when I woke at noon, the sore throat had transitioned into minor congestion and a dull headache. A few hours more and two Tylenol later, I wouldn’t say that I am perky, but I certainly feel like I’ve dodged a bullet.

I opted to wash my sheets so that I wouldn’t reinfect myself. In the midst of drying my laundry, the doorbell rang. It was somebody from Germany’s largest energy conservation company (nonprofit?), offering me a free consultation—presumably on how to save energy. This happened during the peak moment of my dull headache and I could only imagine that his first piece of advice would be to air dry the sheets that I wanted dry in order to put on my bed for my next nap. I declined.

Besides the offer for a consultation, I surfed the television and the web at the same time. I watched either NRJ or iMusicTV. Both are music television channels that show, of all amazing things, music videos. It was on iMusicTV that I discovered my next husband, Ken. The video appears to be a year old, and it goes to show that I’ve been watching the wrong channel too much because he’s a hunky dream if I’ve ever seen one.

6 comments to S(c)ore

  • disenchanted

    Your cooties must have crossed the Atlantic because the coach is now sick. Blah!

  • @disenchanted: I expected you to say that coach’s next husband appeared in the video 😉 Tell him to get better quick!

  • This isn’t related to the entry but… Any idea why I am getting persistent fail notices to your .edu e-mail account?

  • @cq: There’s a darned good reason, but I cannot go into it here. Try my other email account.

  • B.

    Ahh, so you like the baby-faced boys. In the words of those uber-nerds Hall & Oats: I can’t go for that. I always have an overwhelming urge to make the babyfacers cry… yes, I’m that mean.

  • @b: I think he’s more of an abberation… something about the video that makes him hot. I don’t think he’d be good for more than a one night stand–neither do the women in his video, i suspect.