October 2022


Penis Love

Ok, this post might be too NSFW for some, but I’m not going to cross any lines that haven’t been crossed on my blog before.

British-Swedish Penis News
Like Dan Savage, I’d never heard of Basshunter (or Basshunter myspace), but this young, cute, Swedish pop-star who’s doing well in Britain, has news for the world: “I like very much to use my penis“.

Now that’s an attitude I can agree with—instead of being embarrassed about having pornographic photos of himself getting head, he admits the basic truth and is blasé about it. Every time an American pop-star gets caught with his or her pants down, it’s a scandal. Take Britney Spears sister’s pregnancy—although the girl is a bit young (16 and blown up like a cheap balloon), the story is treated like a scandal—when in truth, she likes to use penises, just like a lot of other people.

Honestly, I would very much like to use Basshunter’s penis too—but that will remain a remote fantasy, just like my obsession with a certain ex-IU basketball player’s penis.

Here’s a Basshunter video—one more random penis related blog thing below the fold.

Odd Porn Star News

Google Reader has started offering me new blogs to read—and despite my heavy slant of ex-pat blogs, most new recommendations are for either beefcake photo blogs or pornstar blogs. I’ll admit that I’ve added a few cool expat blogs in recent weeks, independently of Google Reader, but I won’t list them here since I am about to admit that one of my more recent recommendations was for the Pierre Fitch Blog and I doubt people want trackbacks that list their name right next to his.

Fitch is a porn star and personally I’ve only seen one piece of his work, something related to my underwear hero of the past. However I thought subscribing to his blog might be fun—but I have to confess that I found it a bit disturbing this week. Unfortunately his grandmother died—which regardless of him being a porn star is awful news—in that I feel deep sympathy for him, I feel deep sympathy.

However, on Tuesday he posted a blog entry that, succinctly summarized, read like this to me:

My sister just called and told me my Grandmother has less than a week to live, so I am going off to be with her and my family. However, I have to tell you that before I found this news out, I had a great workout at the gym—I can see the muscles developing nicely and I think my Mom will think I am hot! For those of you horn dogs out there, below is a photo of me in my underwear!

It was, to me, a bit disconcerting. I can understand that porn stars might want to encourage fan support, but smashing together the news that grandmother is about to die and a nearly nude picture didn’t leave a good impression on me.

6 comments to Penis Love

  • Jul

    I got bored with the video when I realized that it was unlikely to contain any penises.

  • Wow, Mr. Fitch sounds like a class act. Talk about turning everything into It’s All About Me!

  • i can’t decide what’s worse, this music (i am even uncertain about calling it music) or that clip.

  • @Jul: He says he wants to make pornos some day soon… so there may not be too long a wait. Meanwhile there are stills.

    @ian: Rubs you the wrong way too?

    @chica: i don’t actually mind the music… of course I like Basshunter and I like his penis… that biases me. Of course I like Fitch’s penis too…

  • Ed

    Could you have the same fantasy as me over a certain ex-IU player named Damon Bailey? I still have his picture on my bedroom wall.

  • @ed: I am a Tom Coverdale fan. He’s hot and sexy! Somewhere in storage I have some framed and autographed Tom Coverdale memorabilia. I should find it next time I am near the storage site.