July 2022



It was really awesome last night to hang out with Cathy again—she’d been gone for so long and then our schedules precluded seeing each other until last night.

Beyond that I have more to say about my time in Berlin, but I feel like blabbing about other stuff that’s been happening out there, both in the real world and the blog-o-sphere.

Top Gun: I stopped by Saturn today to pick up a copy of the East German flick, Coming Out. Coming Out is significant because it premiered 9 November, 1989: the evening that the Berlin Wall fell and a film I like. While I was in the shop I looked at the other DVDs for sale and I noticed that a number of films were labeled, “not for sale for those under 16.” Top Gun was one of those films. The other films I could understand, but what is there about Top Gun that would be scandalous for German minors, other than Tom Cruise’s bad acting?

Balls Berlin: The Undies Drawer blog got my attention earlier this week with a post about Balls Berlin—a men’s underwear shop in Berlin. Undies Drawers had examples of their print advertising. If you look at Balls Berlin website, you can see their street advertising, which although not-explicit is… errr… suggestive.

Big Brother: Ok, I’ve never watched Big Brother (America) for more than maybe 20 minutes, cumulatively, so I only know the barest of details about the show. (I was addicted to Big Brother Britain, but that was a few seasons ago.) I get that you take a bunch of strangers, toss them in a “house” and then make them do silly tasks.

One would expect CBS to fully vet the contestants to an American standard—that is to say, none of the stars would have a porn background. Especially a gay porn background. Now as you might recall from the Basshunter post, I think it’s great that celebrities like to be naked and use their penises (or, in the case of girls, errr… vaginas), so I think it’s fantastic that Big Brother contestant Crazy James can do neat things with his penis while in the house and is scheduled to premier on DirtyBoyVideo.Com (nsfw) in the near future doing things with other men.

I won’t post pictures here, you can see them on Magmozine (nsfw), DudeTube (nsfw), and GuyTV Blog (nsfw).

Hopefully after he wins (please lord, let him win the big prize), he can stop by and see me.

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  • B.

    Oh wow, there’s another Big Brother on? I’ve been gone so long I hardly keep up with reality tv anymore (exceptions being Amazing Race & Idol)

    Sounds like a fairly raucous crew by CBS standards.

    Go Crazy James!

  • Now you have a reason to visit Florida the next time you come to the states.

  • I’ve never been a fan of Big Brother. Though the Scandinavian Big Brother shows a girl giving blowjobs to a guy in the shower

  • @B: I’m not sure what the prize is — I know that we have the Dutch to thank for it originally. 🙂 I’m proud of CBS for picking these guys… especially a budding porn star.

    @Domoni: Can you arrange a date for me?

    @Chase: hmmm not on the air, but a girl has been giving head on the US one this season.