March 2021


Life in France Germany

Kaiser-Wilhelm-GedächtniskircheSo I was planning to head up to Berlin this weekend—take care of some personal business, meet up with Snooker and Eurotrippen, do some shopping, and have some fun.

However Ver.di, the union representing workers of the BVG (public transit in Berlin) decided to go on strike from 03:00 today until midnight, Friday, February 14. That’s right; they’re on strike for a week and a half.

So with that in mind, if I went up to Berlin, my abilities to get around would have been severely limited with one of my destinations really only accessible with a taxi if the buses and U-Bahns were not working.

Oddly in a land that used to be known for its long vacations and owning Palma, it is suddenly becoming French—this is the second or third time in the last year that the BVG has shut down due to a worker’s strike and Die Bahn’s train drivers?!… they’re threatening to strike on Monday.

I’m rescheduling my Berlin plans for later this month, or even, perhaps, April.

6 comments to Life in France Germany

  • It times like this that it would be nice to have a beater car. Though, I hear they don’t allow those on the road in Germany.

  • So sorry you’re not going to come… but I’m lookin’ forward to seeing you at the end of the month.

    Oh by the way, we have a car and it really doesn’t help much. The traffic is so bad that it takes forever to get anywhere. Today I rode the bike and that was lovely… except for the snow and cold temperature.

  • The DB strike threat has me worried, too. I just got the powers-that-be at work to spring for a BahnCard 50 (using it today, in fact) so I don’t have to drive all the time up and down the dang A3 between here and Frankfurt, Würzburg, and Nürnberg and back.

    And now I may have to drive it anyway, if I’m expected outside of Regensburg next week. Crap.

  • disenchanted

    Ugh! That sucks.

  • B.

    I’m ever so glad I procrastinated long enough NOT to buy train tickets for this weekend.

    Let me know when you reschedule and we’ll try to make it out then…

  • @cq: No, they don’t. But Trabbies are still on the road.

    @Snooker – I heard there was a massive multicar pileup on the highway in the snow. What a mess! I hope you’re getting around ok!

    @cliff1976: Hmmm… at least the bc is good for a year. I’m headed to Paris on Thursday, hopefully the train will be working.

    @disenchanted… blah

    @B: I’ll keep you posted!