July 2022


Coming of Age

I called my Father this weekend and learned that last Thursday he lost his drivers license.

Not that it was a big surprise—one could see it coming: after multiple eye surgeries, not one of which restored his ability to read books, never mind drive, it was probably somewhat anticlimactic at the drivers’ license office when he couldn’t even see the eye chart.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was out getting my drivers license; I was apparently a trend-setter because I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was at least 20 years old. My lack of interest in obtaining a driver’s license at 16 is apparently now common—in fact, only 29% of 16 year-olds in the States now troubles themselves to get a license.

The fact that I delayed one of the key coming-of-age moments didn’t lessen its impact, and I have been lucky enough to experience it twice—the second time was back in January ’05 when I got my German Driver’s License.

Of course one of the things that is better in America is the fact that my father was required to go back and get his eyes tested periodically.

My German Driver’s License lacks an expiration date.

4 comments to Coming of Age

  • Ed

    My dad is 81, he went to the Eye surgery place in Bloomington and they fixed his eyes so he could see to drive. They placed permanent artificial lenses in each eye and removed the old ones. Now he drives and reads books. If only he could hear better. haha. Still they might help your dad see better too.

  • You have the teenage statistics wrong–100% of sixteen year-olds drive, only 29% of them have a license.

    I wish your dad well, I can imagine this isn’t easy for him.

  • Only 29%? That seems really low! I wonder what’s changed, from the days when I got my license? Anyhow, I’m Steve. I found you because you’ve visited my blog 🙂


  • @ed: enough money to float a small republic has been spent on trying to fix my father’s eyes. My mother thinks that the hospitals in question have been trying to milk the insurance; she is probably correct.

    @cq: believe it or not, I didn’t drive at 16… there is of course a gap between knowing how to drive and being licensed.

    @steve: times change. It seems odd to be a trendsetter though