September 2021


Idiot Here.

Honestly, I feel a little bit like an idiot.

Last night I finally finished putting two and two together, coming up with the correct answer: floor wet, stays wet, therefore something’s dripping: the radiator.

Why it took me more than five minutes to figure this out is beyond me, but there I was, 7 in the evening, thinking to myself that it couldn’t be better timing: I’m leaving for a week first thing Thursday morning and this needs to get repaired pronto.

I gave a house key to my neighbor and showed him the problem.

He took one look at the problem and told me that I would have to get up several times in the night in order to empty the pot.

Basically I had Niagara Falls coming out the bottom of my radiator.

I thanked him and told him that if I wasn’t here, would he please let the hausmeister in so that the problem could be fixed. He nodded and left.

I later switched pots—I was getting over a centimeter of water in the pot every three hours or so and I decided that in the event I slept through the night, better to have a full pot of water for my spaghetti dinner. It didn’t matter because about two I woke up and heard the steady plop of water drops in the bathroom across the apartment from me: I hadn’t bothered to shut either the bathroom door or my bedroom door.

After emptying the pot, I returned to bed and slept in.

Amazingly a repairman was at my house by 9, and I left him alone in the bathroom, setting off to my sunroom to finish a project. Not three minutes later did I hear an explosion in the bathroom followed by “Scheiße”.

Fifteen minutes later he had finished fixing it and departed.

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