July 2022


Cleaning Change

As I was cleaning, both at home and at work, I found a lot of my spare, leftover, change from my travels—a grand total of 44.75€ in total. The dominate source: the States with 17.09€.

I used to go out of my way to get rid of my excess currency as I left the country of origin, but then I would immediately go back, so keeping the currency is for the return trips. Naturally I haven’t been back to the Czech Republic in a couple of years—not that my 65.6 Koruna would go that far.

Country Currency Amount Euro Equivalent
Armenia Dram 4,320 8.82
Canada Dollar 7.83 4.85
Czech Republic Koruna 65.5 2.66
Mexico Peso 51 3.07
South African Rand 23.50 1.88
Swaziland Rand 10.15 0.81
Turkey Lyra 1.50 0.72
Ukraine Hryvnia 33.47 4.27
United Kingdom Pound 0.46 0.58
United States Dollar 27.09 17.09

Notes: Turkish Lyra: I acquired this because the 1 Lyra coin looks an awful lot like the 2€ coin—apparently machines also have a hard time telling between the two. Rand: The Swazi Rand converts 1:1 to the South African Rand. Ukraine: I have one Kyiv Metro Token in addition to the currency.

2 comments to Cleaning Change

  • Um…. The Swazi currency is the Lilangeni (plural: Emalengeni).

    Swaziland is part of the Common Monetary Area that includes South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Namibia. As such, their currency is generally pegged to the South African Rand.

  • @CQ: uf duh… you are so correct when it comes to Swaziland… I wasn’t thinking. Bad Adam