January 2022


Guess Who.

Tipsy & Young

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  • Amazing that photo quality was still that poor in the 1970’s.

    Also, that it’s difficult to see your modern self in the photo. Amazing how much some children change when they get to adulthood.


    Only photo I have of myself at that age is me sitting in a kitchen sink getting a bath. I also have one that shows my older brother and myself as my younger brother had yet to haunt my life with his presence at that time.

  • Are you doing the time warp there? (It’s just a jump to the left…)

  • I can *totally* see your modern self in that picture. And I mean that in the nicest of ways. Love the shoes. And the expression. 🙂

  • OMG!
    Strike a pose, there’s nothin’ to it…

  • disenchanted

    How cute!

  • @cq: The 70s was a long time ago. And I have more photos, but I need to finish scanning the ones I want to post, so you will have to wait.

    @ian: I thought I looked awfully tipsy, but the time warp works.

    @Michelle: Thanks!

    @Christina: Believe it or not, I have a pair of red shoes that I am famous for wearing, although I don’t think they were in Dresden.

    @Snooker: Exactly…

    @disenchanted: Thanks!

  • Your lips give you away!

  • It looks like you’re doing a dance step.

    Even THEN, huh? 😉

    Very cute!

  • mateo

    Funny…I was going to say something about the shoes, myself! I wanted to say that your taste in shoes definitely hasn’t changed, you still like those bold colors!!!!

  • @cathy: some things do stay the same.

    @cameron: either dancing or drunk… your choice.

    @mateo: bold colors are the best, and I need some more awesome shoes.