January 2022


Sexy, Sexy Obama

Now that there are only a smattering of states left to vote in the Democratic nomination process, I might as well come out of the closet.

I want to fuck Barack Obama.

Seriously, he is sexy: nice body, dresses well, can say all the sweet nothings that will make my heart swoon.

He reminds me of John F. Kennedy—another presidential candidate who, when I watch footage from 1960, I want to fuck.

Actually, when I look back at photographs and footage of presidential candidates over the last fifty years, I come up with a list of people who I never want to see nude: George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Baynes Johnson, George McGovern, and a few that I’ve forgotten.

It boils down to, since at least 1952, the only two candidates that arouse any interest in me, in that way, are Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy.

And Kennedy was not a great president—he didn’t get much through Congress until after he was assassinated and LBJ took the reigns.

There’s no doubt that JFK was a brilliant, intelligent, and articulate man; something that sounds an awful lot like Barack Obama. I’m worried about this stark similarity—and I’m not convinced that Obama can actually get the job done.

That said, early on I was a Hillary Clinton kind of guy—I was, and am, convinced that if/when she becomes president, she’ll understand which levers to pull in order to get things done.

Unfortunately she’s developed a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease, and she doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex.

She’s always been somewhat of a question mark for me—although I think that of the Democrats who came out to play that she was the one who could make the best president, she was also the one who could bring out the worst in the opposition. There’s something about the Clinton that makes any number of otherwise sane individuals froth at the mouth and say the most outlandish things I’ve ever heard.

The foot-in-mouth without a gag reflex has managed to alienate people who might otherwise be on her side.

What I have to remember is that I have to choose from the options before me, and this I know clearly: Obama or Clinton are miles better than John McCain.

The Republicans had the foresight to throw out the one Republican who I could stomach: William Weld. I’m willing to overlook his anti-gay rhetoric (and I believe it is only rhetoric), and I’m willing to overlook his religion (and I overlook Clinton, Obama, and McCain’s religion too), something that his own party was unwilling to do.

I just hope that the crazy nut from Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, gets a big say in who the Republican vice presidential nominee is—that could single handedly sink McCain, if Huckabee picks the one he is likely to pick.

9 comments to Sexy, Sexy Obama

  • koko

    It may or may not come as a surprise…but I really dislike Clinton. That’s all I will say about that.

    Of the republicans I really liked ron paul…but he was also a million years old.

  • So I guess it would be safe to say that you vote with your johnson, not for.

  • Ed

    Never talk religion or politics. That being said, I think Huckabee would pick the man in the mirror for vice-president, but I think McPain will pick the Mormon dude. McPain’s wife is owner of the largest beer distributorship in the U.S so the religious right will have to put their morality on hold when they vote for McPain. John Kerry’s wife owns Heinz and McPains wife sells beer. Nobody ever killed anyone after eating pickles.

  • Thanks for this post. I’ve needed a good laugh for a while.

    Greetings from Arizona.

  • disenchanted

    It’s a good thing Koko and I don’t talk about politics because I have the same feeling about Obama that she has about Clinton. {SNORT}

    That said, I can’t think of a single pol that I would want to know in any kind of intimate way. No, wait. There was a sexy guy on the town council in the little town where I was a newspaper editor. And, maybe he was only sexy in comparison to the other guys on the council…

  • “The foot-in-mouth without a gag reflex has managed to alienate people who might otherwise be on her side.”…
    You almost made coffee come out of my nose… and that is not a pretty sight!

    I too believe that she is one person running who knows how to flick all the levers to get something done. But for me it is as simple as knowing that I don’t want her being the one pulling the levers.

  • Samee

    I disagree about Obama and sex appeal. He just happens to be the youngest and the only one that doesn’t remind you of your grandparents.

  • Samee

    Please blog about the pill people. I have many things I would like (you) to say.

  • @koko: we can civilly disagree, I hope.

    @ian: I usually try to take sex out of the voting booth. I’ll be voting against the Republican this fall, not for the Democrat.

    @ed: I doubt Weld will get the nod–McCain is already in trouble with the fundies and Weld is too far out for them.

    @cq: glad to amuse…

    @disenchanted: there has to be at least one, somewhere…

    @Snooker… glad to amuse. Gag reflexes can be helpful. Or not. Depending upon what you are trying to do.

    @Samee: Your wish, my command. And Hillary doesn’t remind me of my grandparents…