July 2022


Happy Holiday

Ah, to be European…

Such a plethora of holidays at your fingertips—and today is Pfingsten. In English that’s the Pentecost, which still gives me no clue what the holiday is about. I understand Easter (Christ on a Cross), Christmas (Christ in a Manger), and even Ascension (Christ goes to Heaven), but even after reading about Pentecost on Wikipedia, I’m not really clear what it’s about—the descent of the Holy Spirit? Isn’t Christ the Holy Spirit, or am I missing something? Where would he descend to? Hell?

I really am ignorant.

But it doesn’t matter: I’m not Christian and have no interest in being Christian—and, I might note, it’s not a holiday in the United States.

It is, however, a holiday in Germany, so I would expect Germans to be able to explain it somewhat beyond, “It’s a day off.” However none of them have been able to do so, which I find slightly amusing since Germany is, technically speaking, a Christian Nation.

Of course they are a whole lot less Christian than the secular States, but who’s counting?

5 comments to Happy Holiday

  • Jul

    More holidays + less actual religion = the best of both worlds. Yay living in Germany! 🙂

  • bud

    My…are “we” unhappy?

  • ann

    pentecost = 50th day after Easter


    Just clarifying. Can’t say I am stunned that everyone you talked to was clueless.

  • P

    The Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit descended from heaven and gave various gifts to the apostles, including, probably the most important of all, the gift of tongues, which allowed the apostles to spread the word of God to various groups of people with different languages. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost (Spirit) are one good and that is the mystery of the Holy Trinity–that mystery which, if we try to understand, according to St. Augustine, is like putting the water of the ocean (the Holy Trinity) into a little hole we carved out on the beach (our minds).

    Oh crap. All my years of Catholic education is coming back to bite me in the ass. I can’t believe I wrote what I wrote. Haha.

  • @Jul: I love it here..

    @bud: ?? no?

    @ann: it’s germany… where religion is a tax, but not participatory.

    @P: Thanks for the simple explanation… it makes sense now. The wikipedia description really left me wondering what was the basic reason for the day.