January 2022


Minor Dilemma

So this past weekend the weather in Weimar was fantastic—and I headed out to the park wearing a t-shirt with shorts.

I was a book stuck in the back pocket, a novel I was in the middle of reading. I first headed to the Weimar Office, where I read a hearty chunk of the novel, before heading out to the park. I wandered around the park, watching both people and sheep—a flock of sheep were in the park munching on the tall grasses, getting them down to fußball height. I took some great pictures that I would have already shown, but I am still in the middle of serious computer issues.

I opted to sit down and watch the sheep, name in the hope that one of the babies would get comfortable enough with me to come closer. As I sat down, I heard a rip that sounded like Velcro being pulled apart—and since my shorts have Velcro, this was a bit odd, but not that far out of the ordinary.

It was the second time I sat down in the grass, this time an isolated meadow, when I realized that the sound might portend of something worse: the shorts ripping.

When I got home, there it was: a rip down the back side of the shorts, in an unmendable spot.

Since then I’ve been having a lengthy internal debate: to buy or to wait.

On the buying end of the equation, I am about to go to Portugal where it is already hot. Shorts sure would be nice there, a great way to relieve the heat. Plus they’re pretty comfy on the beach.

On the waiting end of the equation, I am going to be in the States after being in Portugal where clothing costs less. If I waited, I could save money and get pretty cool shorts.

On the buying end of the equation, I could make the case to buy a pair of shorts from C&A—but their clothing is not just cheap, but cheap, and might not last the entire time I am in Portugal. Of course I could go up a small step and check out H&M to see what they have.

On the waiting end of the equation, shorts bought in America would be a whole lot cooler, stylistically speaking, in Europe than anything I buy at C&A or H&M.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

7 comments to Minor Dilemma

  • Buy one pair of shorts now so you have some for your trip, then shop away for more while in the states.

  • Ed

    Buy the cool shorts in the states. It is better to look good than to feel good.

  • Boy, you got problems! I say Buy a cheap-o pair now at C&A just to have something to wear, ’cause you KNOW that when the pressure’s on in Portugal or the U.S. you probably won’t find anything you like and we wouldn’t want to have you running around shortless.

  • koko

    Wait. Then go to a nude beach in Portugal. Problem solved. 🙂

  • @CQ: That is probably what will happen.

    @Ed: I’ll have to respectfully disagree: Most of the time i go for comfort over style. I’m a bad fag.

    @Jul: I sound dramatic… shopping it will probably be.

    @koko: You actually have 50% of the solution!!! You know me too well.

  • When I moved to the high desert of Arizona, I assumed that shorts would keep me cooler.


    The sun beat down on my bare legs and I was NOT cool.

    I suggest that you buy a pair of lightweight long pants (preferably cotton). Most men don’t look very good in shorts anyway. With a few notable exceptions of course.

    And shorts generally make you look even more like a tourist.

  • @Cameron: Unfortunately for me, I seem to have a “hot” body–in winter I can go around without a jacket when others are huddled up and freezing cold. In the summer, it’s possible for me to overheat–particularly my legs. I have to have either very light weight pants or I have shorts in order to let the heat escape and for me to be comfortable.

    I would never move to the Arizona desert… It would kill me.