January 2022


Kiva Paid Off!

Kiva Loan: My first Kiva loan was paid off! Investing in a liquor store meant that the $25 I invested has been fully paid off. I’ve invested it in someone riskier this time: Anderson Cristaldo, a 21 year old salesman in Paraguay. He’s cute, he’s young, and I was the first person to loan him money.

Frankfurt Bound: I’m spending Saturday night in Germany’s least glamorous city: Frankfurt. I will be there more time than I have since… errr… last December when I flew to the States. I’ve managed to keep my Frankfurt visits down to an hour or less when making connections on the train. This trip is a quick business one—I think I’ll arrive at about 6 or 7 in the evening, Sunday morning I will be gone before checkout time arrives.

Two Weeks: I have two weeks left before my travel marathon for 2008 begins. I hope to make the most of my time in Weimar. Except, of course, when I am in Frankfurt.

Have a great weekend!

8 comments to Kiva Paid Off!

  • When are you comin’ back to Berlin!!!???!!!

  • Reko

    I am sure that there is indeed a huge demand for Anderson’s or Alejandro’s (depending on which pseudonym one happens to be reading at the time) “products” and “services”.

    In any case, Senyor Adamo, I am taking the children to Salzburg tomorrow. Why are you in Ffm?


  • Samee

    I don’t understand why everybody hates Frankfurt. I find the prostitutes, brothels and drug dens around the mainbahnhof charming.

  • @Snooker: 2x in June, but the first time will be too brief. I’ll email you.

    @Reko: I noticed a lot of the investors in Anderson’s business are men. Some of them seem awfully gay. I wonder… Ffm was a brief biz thing…

    @Samee: Ffm is just so awesome for the reasons you list. Souless and full of druggie prostitutes. what more do you want?

  • Samee

    This is what I’ve been saying. At least it’s not one of these sterile, overly clean and quiet Euro cities where everybody stops at the traffic light when there are no cars in sight… for miles (not naming names, but you know what I mean)

  • Bob

    Adam, I was the second person to make a loan to Anderson, which is how I discovered the link to your blog. Regarding your reply on the 18th, how gay is “awfully gay”? I am, but perhaps not awfully.

  • @Bob: Perhaps I actually meant, “seem really gay” or “seem gay”.

    I find it amusing how an attractive young man has 24 investors, and I can quickly identify that at least 19 have male names (or names I believe are male names). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, just that it is amusing. Certainly had it been a young woman with identical qualifications I wouldn’t have made my loan to her…

  • Bob

    Adam, you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with that. I noticed the same thing and found it amusing too. I admit that more than a couple of my loans were similarly motivated. But, no matter, it’s for a good cause. Next time you make a loan — attractive young man or otherwise — let me know and I’d be happy to match it.