July 2020


Eurovision 2008

After last year’s Eurovision Debacle I lacked a great deal of enthusiasm for the 2008 edition.

Since the West won the Cold War, there’s been more and more eastern European nations participating in the song contest—small countries that vote for each other while performing songs that have strong traditional themes to the music.

Western European nations tend for the ironic—songs that point out how ridiculous the entire contest is.

After last year I felt detached and alienated from the contest—several songs that I thought were excellent never made it out of semi-finals, and an entirely forgettable song, the one from Serbia, won. The song was so forgettable in my book that I don’t even know its name, while I can tell you that Finland’s Lordi won the contest in 2006 for Hard Rock Hallelujah.

I’ve been so detached from the contest that I didn’t even bother to buy the CD—until today. I downloaded the 42 songs over the ‘net and I can say that while there are a lot of clunkers, there are some songs that I really like.

There’s an office bbq tonight, but I plan on leaving early so that I can get home and watch the first of the two semi-final rounds tonight.

I’d tell you my favorites, but I haven’t listened to all the songs yet—I’ll be loading them onto my iPod while watching the show tonight.

5 comments to Eurovision 2008

  • Jul

    OMG Azerbijian!

    You’re welcome at our Eurovision party Saturday…

  • Katya

    For the past few weeks I’ve been wondering when you’ll announce this year Adam favourites 🙂

    So don’t get disappointed and let us know all you think about Eurovision – it’s tradition already

  • ann

    I liked the Belgians and they didn’t make it (only saw them on the Schnelldurchlauf). What is up with Greek Brittney?!

    Can’t wait to see your review!

  • It’s not about the quality of the song!!!! 🙂
    It’s about voting for your neighbor!!!

    The damn thing is lots of fun though. I want to go to a watching party with LOTS of gay men! It’s the only way!

  • @Jul: I wish I could be there…

    @Katya: I am way behind on listening… i haven’t made it through all of them yet.

    @ann: I might post comments on Friday… still more to go…

    @Snooker: I wish there was a big party near me… alas…