September 2021


Eating Out

I’ve had a busy weekend with friends here in Bloomington—it seems a bit sad that the work week has returned and I have things to work on. That said, I’ve made every effort to fulfill my Bloomington food cravings in the past few days.

Saturday I headed over to the Runcible Spoon for breakfast. The Spoon is a place that refuses to change. Sure the books are gone from the front room, but the service is suspect and my pancakes were cold. I thought about complaining, but I realized that it was all part of the charm.

In the evening a plethora of friends materialized, some having traveled a distance, and we headed out to Greek’s Pizza, which had been forced to move off its prime Kirkwood location to Walnut, across from the Bluebird. It is home to my favorite pizza on the planet, a feta, gyro, olive combination that I just adore. Unfortunately the service was slow and there were problems with it. If it had been my first trip, I wouldn’t have been impressed. I hope it’s better the next time I stop by.

Afterwards we checked out the new Uncle Elizabeth’s—Bloomington’s only gay bar. It used to be located in a double-wide trailer across from city hall. Now it’s located in a characterless strip mall on the near west-side. Not only is the strip mall, the bar is characterless. All the kitsch that used to decorate the walls wasn’t moved, and there was a $3 cover charge for the computer wielding DJ. Actually the DJ sucked, as bad as the DJs at Erfurt’s gay bar.

Sunday included a stop for French Toast at Wee Willies on Walnut. I adore their French Toast, and I do believe I’ve had my need for sugar fulfilled for about the next month.

In the late afternoon, I headed up to Bear’s Place to see Mister Lonely, as a part of the Ryder Film Series. The burger was excellent, fries plenty, and service, well, suspect. I asked for mayo but it never came, so I was left to use the old American standby on my fries: Ketchup.

Since then I’ve been to the supermarket, which although extra-large already, is apparently not large enough, since it’s under construction. By the time it’s done expanding, I suspect that all the supermarkets in Weimar could fit under its roof.

Breakfast is at home this morning.

6 comments to Eating Out

  • You would think with the economy the way it is that service would be *much* better than it is these days. I’ve been having the same issues with dining establishements around Conservative Hell also. Frankly it’s getting so bad I think customers should expect their standard level of service with a side of fellatio thrown in.

    My theory is that it’s all the coddling of children the past 20 years, that type of parenting where little snowflakes could do no wrong and ran the show. Or put another way, the kids always got their way. Now society is suffering because these kids never had any performance expectations put on them. Society is going to grind to a halt I tell you.

    As for the huge supermarket – down here they built one that is so huge you practically need a golf cart and a map to get around it. I went in to get a loaf of bread and got lost.

  • We were disappointed with Uncle Elizabeth’s as well.

    If you get a chance, I recommend stopping into the Bombay House. Perhaps they have a new chef: the food was *even better* than I remembered it! 🙂

  • koko

    oh how i miss bears! they have a fabulous black bean burger. i also love their real cherry coke 🙂

    i second bombay. mmm.

  • tqe / Adam

    @CQ: College Towns suffer in the summer when the students leave. Remind me to tell you about the limo driver…

    @Jerry: I want some Indian food, so I’ll check it out before I leave town. Probably at lunch with Reko.

    @Chica: er…. 😉

    @koko: I go to bears for the films… I’m still not sure if Mister Lonely was good or not.

  • Samee

    wee willies?


    When are you coming back? We miss you here.