August 2021


This Week’s Odd Request

Every so often my Flickr Photos generate some interesting requests—permission for photos to be put on travel guide called Schmap, a bridge photo for promoting an international conference in Görlitz, as well as permission to publish two photos in the magazine Britain at War.

All of those requests were granted.

And then I get the following request:

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing on behalf of StayPoland Travel. We are a travel company based in Warsaw, Poland and we are operating popular travel websites: staypoland.com (incoming travel to Poland), europe-cities.com (Europe travel guide).

We have recently introduced a new, improved version of the website Europe-Cities.com. New Europe-Cities.com is an in-deep travel guide to Europe containing a variety of information needed by a traveller: descriptions of monuments, restaurants, theatres, history of cities and countries and many many more.

I am writing to you because I found your pictures at flickr.com website and I really think they could make our
website more attractive.

I would like to ask you for permission to use the following photos on our website:

New Year's Eve Liquor

The photos would be presented on our website along with your name as the author of the photo.

Besides, if you would be interested, we would be able to provide a link to your personal website or to your flickr photoset page to allow our users see more of your photos.

If it is possible please contact me via e-mail instead of sending flickr message.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards

Tomasz Gorewicz

The photo in question is this one:

New Year's Eve Liquor

I wonder which European City it would promote and what sort of indepth information it provides—I mean although it brings back fond memories for me of New Years Eve in Kiev, I don’t think it’s helpful to travel planning.

5 comments to This Week’s Odd Request

  • P

    Unrelated (to the post) comment:

    I think I saw you in Weimar attending Rubinstein’s lecture. Was too shy to approach, though. 🙂

  • @P- you saw me there…

  • Sometimes when writing about eateries and other establishements, magazines or guides will use photos such as that to represent the available drink. 🙂 So perhaps they think it is a pretty photo of liquor.

    Like you, I would have to wonder how it would apply to anywhere in Poland if the photo was taken in Kiev.

  • @cq: given that what you say is true, I would hope that there is a better quality photo of liquor and wine on Flickr than my photo… It’s dark and I was doing it in a rush because dinner was about to start.

  • tom

    hi, I’m the guy who asked for the permission to use that photo:) we were going to use it to illustrate most popular ukrainian drinks (there is a section about drinks from varios european countries). if you go somewhere you would like to know what good can you drink there;)