Blue Dragons JazzbandEvery year Weimar has a month-longish arts festival.

This year’s “pèlerinages Kunstfest Weimar” started last night with “Brass & Spaß”–a four hour jazz festival held at the Weimarhallenpark, just at the edge of the city center.

I headed there with the bride and groom from my Turkish wedding, despite a somewhat peculiar weather pattern: it had been dark and stormy earlier, it rained during the event, and then, shortly after I got home there was a downpour.

Even a cynic like me has to admit that it was a lot of fun–there were two stages set up, several beer stands (with a whooping 2,50€ deposit for each glass), and the part was lit up with green, lavender, and occasional red lights. The music was nice–some of it
seemed a bit more restrained than one would expect for a jazz festival–and the
14 year olds of the Blue Dragons Jazzband made an admirable attempt to recreate
“When the Saints Come Marching Home”. The last time I heard it performed was in New Orleans at Preservation Hall.

I didn’t have anything to prevent the camera from shaking, so I didn’t manage to get a lot of great photos–next time I’ll put down my drink. Meanwhile enjoy the photos that came out ok.

Brass & Spaß

Brass & Spaß

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