May 2020


Koko: I am NOT buying…

Michael Jackson’s used, dirty underwear on ebay.


7 comments to Koko: I am NOT buying…

  • First, now we all know who the really distressed person is when you’ve spoken of used underwear. Previously, she was anonymous. 😉

    Second, knowing Michael Jackson, it’s probably not his underwear at all but rather a pair of Underoos stained with Jesus juice.

    I’ll let you determine what the Jesus juice is. Both things going through my mind are equally creepy.

  • Disenchanted

    Thank the goddess for small miracles.

  • Ed

    I was going to buy the used underwear but CQ keeps outbidding me. They are more than likely children’s underoos cause Micheal likes boys under wear. He ran into a Wal-Mart the other day becaue they said they had boys jeans half off.

  • koko

    I’m very thankful to hear that you have standards when it comes to used underpanties. BUT a;lsdkfj;alsdfj! are you freaking kidding me??? that’s so nasty. the worst part is that man/thing will live to be like 900 years old.


    seriously. that’s just sick.

  • jen

    i’ve heard of stranger things. is it true you can buy used underwear in vending machines in japan? also, is it true that you can also have your ears cleaned right on the street by a kooky vendor?

  • @CQ: I don’t think Koko ever hid who she was… maybe I am wrong.

    @Disenchanted: Amen

    @Ed: I didn’t realize you were my competition 🙂

    @koko: It is nasty, I feel ill, seriously.

    @Diane: There’s a long story here, but I once suggested I wanted to buy used underwear… by accident.

    @Jen: I think you can buy schoolgirl panties in Japan .. don’t know about the ears though.