An Awful Day

I had an early warning, moments after my alarm went off, that today was going to be rough.


Yup, I had the hic-ups. They went away in the shower, they came back after breakfast. They went away and came back and went away and came back, more times that I care to remember.

At the office it was like having a personal beacon—everybody knew where I was. They were prepared for me whenever I stuck my head in their doors.

Fortunately I had a pause during the train rides because trust me when I say, they can be quite loud.

3 comments to An Awful Day

  • koko

    i have very violent hiccups myself. i feel your pain. i remember my boss went home once when i had the hiccups…he said i was too loud even after he closed his office door. 🙁

  • Boo!

    I guess that wasn’t helpful. I am sorry you had a rough day. I hope the hiccups are gone for a while.

  • @koko: ouch! and he didn’t send you home?

    @Diane: I took a nap in the evening, that seemed to cure them!