April 2021


Shopper’s Paradise

The new Lidl, a scant 2 minutes and 7 seconds from my apartment, is now open.

It opened a mere 3 minutes after I passed it this morning on my way to work—so I didn’t have time to look through its offerings, but this evening on my way home, I took a look.

Honestly, it carries the same broad selection of food that the other three supermarkets within a seven minute walk (Aldi, Rewe, and Edeka), and comparable prices.

I suppose it’s the newness factor—its parking lot was packed, the store was full of people, and the shelves fully stocked. I bought a few items that I could have purchased at the other stores—and purchased a 1€ bratwurst from the stand parked right out front. That was the only disappointment—a 1€ bratwurst is smaller and comes on an inferior roll compared to a 1,60€ bratwurst.

Wednesday Lidl is having a special on harmonicas—only 2,99€.

Wednesday night, if you live near me, you should have your earplugs in.

4 comments to Shopper’s Paradise

  • Lidl is definitely a shopper’s paradise since it relatively cheap especially in Norway where most grocery items are priced unreasonably on ordinary grocery stores.

  • Jul

    Dammit, I can’t wait until Wednesday. I need a harmonica today!

  • I have a cool “Learn Harmonica” book I can loan you if you’re interested… just let me know before our “It’s All About the Penis” museum tour next weekend.

  • @Lidl: The brand selection and some of the other choices are too limited for Lidl to become my main supermarket. I need the lactose free milk.

    @Jul: Time goes by…

    @Snooker: I didn’t actually buy one–I’m musically inept and I don’t think that anybody should be subjected to my (lack of) talent… Now I am excited about the Penis museum tour next weekend…