September 2020


The Weekend Begins…

Happy Friday to you!

I’ve had a really good week, and it’s closing off with two friends coming over for homemade Pizza, homemade dessert (TBA), and movies.

Strangely, after returning from the States, my computer came down with two viruses—I don’t know whether I’ve had them for awhile or if the latest updates of my anti-virus program suddenly could identify the viruses. I thought the IT people had fixed it Wednesday, but this morning one of the IT staff marched into my office this morning and took my laptop from me saying it had to be disinfected immediately. It’s a full service department and he washed the screen at the same time, removing a layer of grime that had built up since the last time I cleaned it (about three weeks ago).

Yesterday I spent my morning at the Weimar Office working on two distinct projects—one on my laptop, the other was more paper intensive. I lasted about 3 and a half hours before I left—when I left the shop’s owner was talking to this extraordinarily cute salesman, who I thought was French (this was independently confirmed). I’m fairly certain he’s gay, but given that he’s a travelling salesman, I suspect that the odds he and I would ever be in the same town at the same time again are somewhat slim. I was told that he stops by the Weimar Office once every three months, or so. March 4th is a long way away…

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