September 2021


I smell a Whopper®

Just in time for last minute gift giving, Burger King has released Flame, a Whopper Scented men’s cologne:

A Whopper you can eat...

A Whopper you can eat...

Still can’t think what to get him for Christmas? Socks don’t seem to cut it any more? Fret no longer because Burger King is here to help.

The mass purveyor of grilled meat is offering, for a limited time, something even better than their usual piles of beef patties. This week, American men were given the chance to smell like their favourite meat snack with the launch of Flame, Burger King’s contribution to the perfume market.

The company describes Flame as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat”.

Astonishingly, this elixir costs a mere $3.99 (£2.65). By contrast, one of its competitors, Chanel No 5, for example, costs more than $80.

From The Guardian.

Thankfully, it’s not for sale in Germany.

4 comments to I smell a Whopper®

  • Generally I like the smell of “meat” but not the flame broiled kind.

  • The idea of a food-scented cologne is probably better than the execution.

    Surely, though, it shoud be available in candles and potpourri, for home aromatherapy. That would be extra-gay.

  • koko

    GROSS. I’m guessing it just smells like BO…because BK, McD’s, Wendy’s, etc all smell like BO. I’m veg though, maybe that’s got something to do with it.

  • disenchanted

    You know, back in grad school I shared an office with a guy who’s BO smelled like rancid Chicken Noodle Soup. I imagine that this smells equally bad.