October 2020


Praha I: Getting There

I suspect that my trip report about Prague will last several days, principally because I do not have enough time to write all of it tonight-but in summary, Prague might be the most beautiful city I have visited in my life.

It is humbling to realize that the journey I took wasn’t possible until after the wall fell – although once you start thinking about it, I wouldn’t have been able to visit Weimar before the Wall fell either.

Regardless, my trip started off bright and early on Thursday morning, when I had to kick an old man out of my pre-reserved window seat with a table. He generously offered to let me sit in the aisle seat instead of the window seat, but I turned down his offer and he moved to another row. This is the second time I have had to evict an old person from my seat on a train-and it annoys me. It’s not like seat reservations are that hard to understand- I understood how they worked in 30 seconds and how to read the signs.

The scenery from Dresden to Prague was absolutely fantastic-in fact, I might go so far as to call the train ride one of the most beautiful rides I have ever had the pleasure of taking. I was so entranced with the scenery that I stopped reading papers (bad thing) and really only looked out the windows-the train hugged to the river’s edge most of the way to Prague.

Upon arrival in Prague, my first goal was to find an ATM, for although I know I have Czech Crowns somewhere in my life (home or office), I didn’t find them before I left, and I needed cash to buy transit tickets and to pay for my hotel room. This turns out to have been a wise move on my part, since after my first attempt at getting cash from the machine, the machine told me it didn’t have enough money to give me what I wanted (7500 CZK, or about 230€), so I opted for a lesser amount, put it in my wallet, turned around and discovered that where I had been the second person in line, the line had swelled to about 15 people. Others were sure to have some unfortunate luck after me – or if not, the bank machine was lying to me.

I didn’t stick around to find out.

I bought a three day transit ticket from the Prague Public Transit authorities, validated it, and hopped on the Metro, heading straight to the Arco Guest House where there had been some kind of error in making my reservation. As a result, I got upgraded to a better suite without having to pay extra.

I would write more right now, but I have just realized, I don’t currently have the patience to get the names of everything right and will make lots of spelling errors – so I will continue this while doing laundry tomorrow.

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  • Chris C

    Reservations, what a novel idea. Sounds like the experience I had with U-Haul.

    I’ll bet you’re on the watch list of the counterpart of AARP in Europe.