January 2022


Eurovision 2009

I realize the contest isn’t until May 16th, but entries are starting to be finalized.  Here are some thoughts about the upcoming contest.

United Kingdom: I suppose one must congratulate them on getting Andrew Lloyd Weber to write and compose the song. It will be extra painful when, like every year, it comes in one of the last four places. It’s not good at all.

Belarus: For a country governed by a staunchly homophobic and scary autocrat, they sure seem to pick the gayest entries possible. “Eyes that Never Lie” continues this longstanding tradition. This one will not go far.

Montenegro: For some reason you can only hear this song, but at first listen I think that “Just Get Out of My Life” has a ton of potential. It’s my early favorite of the songs I’ve listened to.

Slovenia: This one gets off to a slow start, but this string quartet, Quartissimo, may pull of a stunning upset with its “Love Symphony”. I like the beat and the show.

Netherlands: I liked the first part of this song, and then the shine came off of “Shine”. I suspect that The Netherlands won’t get through to the finals.

7 comments to Eurovision 2009

  • Oooooh, Eurovision season upon us already!! 😀 Thanks for the heads up!

  • The Dutch entry, “Shine”, is plagued with inane lyrics that recall songs like Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”…

    BTW, congrats on finding a new place! 🙂

  • @CN: It is only 3.5 months away… it’s time to start planning the Eurovision Parties!

    @Jerry: Thanks! I liked the first minute, or so, of Shine, but then something happened to it and I lost interest. Perhaps its for the reason you describe.

  • Katya

    Adam, how about going to Moscow and watching live instead of one of the parties? 🙂

    • Brilliant Idea! I’d love to and want to–One goal is to see Eurovision live and in person.

      Unfortunately right now I need to conserve money until I recover from my move — Moscow is expensive, as is getting a visa to visit the Russian Federation.

  • I’m so pleased and disappointed by Slovenia – the song is a bit dull but the men are beautiful.

  • I am so giddy with the upcoming Eurovision. Maybe I could move my honeymoon to Russia instead so I can see it in May lol!