Regensburg in Photos

Stone Bridge

Regensburg Skyline

Dult Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel at Regensburg Dult

Dult Waiter

Waiter at the Regensburg Dult Beer Tent

5 comments to Regensburg in Photos

  • Ed

    I sure would enjoy riding that one. 😉

  • Ken

    What gay bars or what is the gay area of Regensburg? I would appreciate any assistance you can offer.

  • Ken: I live in Regensburg and that’s a tough question for me. I’m not really sure. The only thing I know of is that the bar Schierstadt has a reputation for being a Thursday-night-gay-and-lesbian hangout. Whether that’s deserved is another story.

    I turned up there once on a Thursday night before having heard that and realized after a little while that I was the only dude in the joint not employed there. That was probably a year ago. Since then, however, I have noticed the clientele seems pretty diverse — i.e., it’s not really screaming “gay hangout!” at me like it did that one time. I live near the place, so I get the chance to check rather often.