September 2021


US 50, Lawrence County

To the guy living west of Bedford along US 50 in Indiana:

Thanks for flying the Confederate Flag.

It lets me know that you’re probably racist, amongst many other faults!

5 comments to US 50, Lawrence County

  • Mike

    Not to mention his dishonoring of Civil War veterans from Indiana. Indiana was a Union state, and to Hoosiers the Confederates were rebels out to kill them.

  • Good point Mike.

    I just want to point out that I’m not opposed to the Confederate Flag in appropriate circumstances: civil war battle reinactments, classrooms when discussing the civil war, and museums.

    I think have something floating out there about the confederate flag at the Fun Frolic in Bloomington a few years back. I’ll find it and link to it later.

  • Chris C

    Gee, all you saw was the flag. How about the house in the neighborhood I live in that I have to drive past two times a day? Not only do its residents display a confederate flag, but they have also placed a black faced lawn jockey out front.

    I’d take the flag you’re seeing any day over that garbage.

    I think it’s time for a “reverse lynching” at that house.

  • koko

    Don’t worry…I’m sitting here listening to the tornado sirens and maybe natural selection will work for us?

  • Barry

    The Confederate battle flag did not stand for slavery.. After all if you read your history book the North had slaves also. The war was not fought over slavery it was fought over the right for individual states to govern themselves not a centralized government. How about the civil war veteran from the South that you are dishonoring by slamming his flag. Not all “Rebels” believed in slavery, in fact the slave issue was the least important issue at hand. Get a clue.