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Adam hat eine Partei!

Hey Everybody! / He Jeder!

I’m having a party!

Who: YOU are invited. Please come!
What: Ich habe eine Partei!
Where: Adam’s Flat
When: 12 February 2005, 19:00 (or 7pm for the Time Challenged)
How: Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Foot, Bus, Taxi, Transporters
Why: Warum nicht?

I am having a party for no particular reason, other than the fact that I want to cook food, specifically BBQ Chicken (and maybe Pork) and Sausage Gumbo. (And by BBQ I mean Southern United States Bar-B-Q, which is meat drowned in a sweet, yet spicy good, sauce.) (And by Gumbo, I mean good old fashioned Louisiana Gumbo with Thuringen Sausage-I would have used Sausage from Louisiana but it needed to stay cold and was heavy, plus since they lost my luggage it would have spoiled.) There will be other foods as well, specifically for those of us who are allergy challenged from eating any of the aforementioned foods.

For dessert there will be cookies and whatever else I feel like making…

However, it is BYOB ? or Bring Your Own Booze (Less elegant: HSIEG: Holen Sie Ihre Eigenen Getranke), and contributions to the kitchen will be welcome.

Finally, assuming we can get it to work, I will be showing a delightful film, Das Trio, a film in German with English subtitles. Starring Götz George, Christian Redl, and Jeanette Hain among others. Short Review: Not an Oscar winner by any stretch, this film features one guy who falls in love with a girl. Too bad he also falls in love with her father. Hilarity follows.

RSVP bitte! (And if you have food allergies, please tell me what they are, so I can make sure I am prepared for you!)

Oh yes, and I know Partei is misspelled… it should be Party. Same as in English.

3 comments to Adam hat eine Partei!

  • koko

    not a party for the vegetarians…

    I’ll be the first to rsvp for your koko is coming to visit I need to throw a veghead party! 😉

  • IUMike

    Actually, in English it is partayyyyyyy!

    I would love to come, but there is this ocean see…

    Hope you have a blast!

  • ChrisC

    I’d attend but I only got an airfare offer to London for $200 RT FROM GREENSBORO! Unfortunatley it wasn’t the same for Frankfurt. 🙂