June 2021


Tallinn and Helsinki Photos

So, here they are! Selected photos from my recent voyage to Tallinn, Estonia, and Helsinki, Finland. Remember to click on the images to get bigger versions!

This is the DJ at Club Hollywood, where we went the night we arrived. It was Lady’s Night, the floor was sticky, and women in Estonia do ritual dances around their hand-bags, which they leave in the middle of the dance floor.
I got really lucky with this one photo! I couldn’t believe it–although it would have been better had the man not been in front of the woman.
The Saku Rock Hotel has an attitude–and this was one of many ways it came out. Overall, I would stay there again–although the walk is a bit cold and long in the winter.
This is the Russian Orthodox Church in Tallinn. It is right across the street from the Estonian Parliment Building.
Tallinn has a couple excellent spots where you can look out over Old Town. With the snow it was very magical!
We were told that the Estonian Food at this restaurant was excellent, but when I asked what was the most typically Estonian dish on the menu, the waitress suggested the Pork with Sauerkraunt. Since I live in Germany, that wasn’t my first choice.
Every country has problems with petty theft and tourists. I really like the signs in Estonia reminding us to be careful.
Here I am onboard Tallink‘s Meloodia, the boat from Tallinn to Helsinki. They took the flag down once the boat was underway. (And yes, my hair has some highlighting!)
This is one of Helsinki’s oldest buildings. I don’t have many photos from Helsinki that I can publish since they are of people I met and my friend’s friends. I’m not comfortable putting their photos on the web.
Tallinn’s Club Angel. The Gay Bar I noticed 15 hours too late.
The Gay Bar next door to Angel, x-baar.
When your flight departs at 10pm, one can spend time looking for fun things to do. In this case we visited the main train station for Tallinn, which was very small.

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