August 2021


Boring News Fixations

For the small minority of you whole wait breathlessly for my each utterance, let me apologize for my absence yesterday. It was unintentional. I sat down to read a book, decided to take a nap, and then never got around to waking up before it was morning.

Bad me.

Anyhow, this morning, after a lot of rest, I was running ahead of schedule so I took 5 minutes out and turned on CNN.

I get the feeling that I am glad I don’t watch much television because it seemed to be PopeWatch2005: All Pope all the Time.

The guy died a couple days ago and I don’t really need to be watching people file past his body, so I switched off the TV.

It’s strange, the previous time I had turned on CNN it was Terri Schiavo all the time.

Why do we get addicted to certain news stories? Terri Schiavo wasn’t even remotely important, except to highlight Tom DeLay’s hypocrisy. The Pope is being hailed as a hero despite the fact that millions of people have been condemned to death because he doesn’t believe condoms prevent the spread of HIV, and for anybody who tells me that he is directly responsible for the fall of communism, I have to point out that he wasn’t pope until 1978, and what actually killed the Soviet Union was the arms race and the fact that the average citizen in the Soviet Union wanted Big Macs and Coke more than Cabbage.

I suppose that if the Pope hadn’t just died, the world would be fixating on the impending Charles and Camilla wedding. It would probably equally annoy me.

Before anybody asks, I think the most important news story of the month: the May 5th British Elections. The British are facing a difficult choice: Tony Blair and the Liberals versus Michael Howard and the Conservatives. The Liberals have a lot going for them, with the exception of Tony Blair. Michael Howard is race baiting and sleazy. Hopefully Tony Blair won’t bring down the Liberals.

5 comments to Boring News Fixations

  • ChrisC

    I agree with you for the most part. But isn’t it ironic that the news media has been able to get you to mention this twice in your blog? 🙂

  • koko

    how do you think I feel?!?! All this crap is going down on a day that is known world wide as MY BIRTHDAY. Screw them it’s always about me.

  • It is ironic, but I only respond to the world around me.

    I had an interesting dream about eating cake for dinner last night. It ws a chocolate cake, and in the middle of it were chocolates that hadn’t melted… fancy chocolates, yummy chocolates. I was having trouble eating the whole thing.


  • ChrisC

    Chocolate Cake. Gee, is that a reference to a previous London trip?

    That was a good cake.

  • Sadly, i doubt there was a connection to the previous cake. I had completely forgotten about said cake until you mentioned it.


    Now I want some.