September 2021


Gay… … … life?

My sister arrives in Weimar tomorrow and Sunday has been designated Goethe Day—we will do as much Goethe in one day in one town as we can.

Next week she and I will rent a Smart Car and explore the surrounding region, before hopping a train to Mainz on Wednesday to see Gutenberg Press related memorabilia.

She flies Thursday.

I had the bright idea to spend Thursday night in Frankfurt and hit a gay club before returning to Weimar on Friday. Thursday is a holiday in most of Germany—and even in the US, although Ascension isn’t really observed in the States the way it is here (well, here it’s a day off, not sure about the religious connotations).

A colleague told me that Thursday night would be good for going out because most people will also take Friday as a holiday, and I was all set.

Until I looked at the web site of the club I wanted to hit up. It’s a Student-Party night at the club—a hetero event.


I cancelled my Friday train reservations, cancelled the hotel, and booked a train for Thursday.

2 comments to Gay… … … life?

  • Smart Cars are available in Canada, but so far Mercedes has declined to market them in the States. My Vancouver realtor & her husband own one. 🙂

  • I think smart cars are incredibly cute, and I’m really looking forward to driving one at last!

    The basic rental rate is 5€ per day.

    By the time I added all the possible insurance, it came to 16.50€ per day (100km per day), which is still basically a bargain.