May 2022


Smart Efficiency

Today we drove 200 kilometers and had to put 7.9 liters of diesel in the Smart Car. For Germans that works out to 3.95 liters per 100 kilometers. For Americans, that’s 25.3 kilometers to the liter. However, since that number is meaningless, we bought 2.08 gallons of diesel fuel after driving 125 miles or 59.62 miles to the gallon.

Honestly, the first time I understood the fuel efficiency was when I typed the 59.62 mpg sentence.

That’s in Automatic Transmission mode too!


At the end of our journey, we pulled into a gas station, and as I pumped diesel for the first time, I expected it to take awhile, but after sticking the nozzle in the tank and thinking for a second, it stopped pumping.

10.10€ later, we were on our way out of the station to return the car.

And for those who are curious, we did take the car onto the Autobahn, and the car went 120km/h without any problems whatsoever.

We even passed a BMW.

5 comments to Smart Efficiency

  • ChrisC

    Wow, passed a BMW with it. Sounds alot like the time my mom passed a Ferrari going uphill with her 1980 Buick Skylark with 3 screaming children on board.

  • MT

    Puts my Echo to shame. 🙁 But then, a Smart Car wouldn’t work well on the Lloyd here in the Land of Big A** SUVs.

  • ChrisC

    Right MT. The SUV drivers would run it over and wonder why the government wasn’t fixing the potholes.

  • MT

    SOOOO True! I am actually surprised that my Echo hasn’t been crushed yet. I’ve had a couple close calls.

  • As long as you’re not taking it out of the core of cities, I would think it would be OK. It is surprisingly peppy–and I should note, not only were we driving in Automatic mode, we were also going up a lot of hills which required significant downshifting.