May 2022


Assorted Thoughts

A few random things to mention:

Departure Boards: The signs on the platforms at the Weimar train station are broken—I noticed they were off on Monday, but I assumed it was because Monday was a holiday and that the preprogrammed trains would be wrong. I was wrong, they are just broken. I feel sorry for people who don’t know where to find their trains—sometimes understanding the announcements, or knowing which ones to listen for, is not easy. Even if you speak German.

Departure of Me: I’m leaving for London tomorrow morning to see the Queen—well, actually to meet a publisher. Sunday I move on to Indiana and will leave June 10th returning to the Fatherland on the 11th. The trip involves no new airports for me, but one new airline: British Airways.

Livin’ in Jena: When I return, I will be living in Jena for a few weeks, on top of a hill. It’s 30 minutes to the office and 45 minutes from the office. The fact that I haven’t been exercising will be quickly remedied this summer.

Sunshine: I woke up this morning at 5 and made a quick bathroom run. The sun was already coming up. Without daylight savings time, it would be coming up at 4. It goes down at 9 or 9:30 right now. I understand the movie Insomnia (1997) now.

5 comments to Assorted Thoughts

  • koko

    british airways is the ultimate evil…not to mention they are well known for their ability of NOT knowing where they put peoples luggage. I hope you don’t have any problems…carry your stuff on if you can.

    **My cousin and uncle flew BA to visit me…they were in IN for 1 day before they flew out with my mum to Vegas. Their luggage was lost and didn’t arrive before they went to vegas. Bought new clothes. Their luggage arrived at my house the day they came back from Vegas (also the day before they left to fly back). One week, no luggage. Then on their return flight they were bumped up to first class for their “troubles” but only to have BA to lose their luggage on the way home too. Bad luck? Perhaps, but it’s just kinda weird that they lost all of their luggage both ways. Then they tried saying they wouldn’t pay them for the time they had nothing. sucky eh?

  • Lost luggage is a tricky game. I’m not worried about this–i am checking, but its direct, no changes, and I should be ok. NWA/KLM has lost my luggage 5 times! I still like them…

  • ChrisC

    I’d be more worried about their recent track record with flying 747’s an entire route with one engine down. *shrugs*

    I definately recommend Air Canada, other than the hassle of having to hub through Toronto or Montreal with a required customs clearance in Canada even though you’re not staying.

  • MT

    I agree with ChrisC. I am *not* a happy flyer (control freak, slightly claustrophic) so when I started to read about the lovely one-engine problem, I decided that B.A. would never get my $$$.

  • koko

    Ew…I didn’t know that they were flying w/ one engine down! That totally isn’t a way to make your customers feel safe…