December 2022


Weather Stats

According to weather.com, Bloomington received 1.52 inches of rain (or 38mm) on Sunday. I think that the number is a bit on the low side. Bloomington sure got socked hard and I’m surprised the kleinschloss didn’t slide down the hill.

Hmmm… it just occurred to me that I’m going to have to learn the Celsius scale now. I’ve talked to people who grew up on Celsius and now live here where Fahrenheit rules, but they still have to convert the numbers back to Celsius to understand the temperature. Will I be like that in reverse?

4 comments to Weather Stats

  • Chris C

    Actually, it’s pretty easy to understand once you apply yourself. Then again, I kind of had it wrong in London last year to the point “other” Chris had to point it out to me that 20 degrees is room temperature.

    I guess it will take some getting used to for 30-35 degrees being a heat wave and 100 degrees being suitable for enjoying a lobster.

  • IUMike

    It doesn’t take much getting used to, actually. When I was in New Zealand I adapted to Celsius almost immediately. In fact, once I got back I think I had more trouble getting used to the Farenheit scale again.

  • koko

    it’s not hard unless you’re a dimbulb at physical plant…*sigh*

  • I understand zero Celsius, and that 33 Celsius is pretty hot, but the numbers inbetween lack meaning for me. It’s the inherient understanding part that I am worried about.