September 2021



This game is NSFW, but if you’re at home and of age, check out this game.

Personally I max out at about 25,000 points.

I don’t see how its possible to do that much better, but the high scores are off the map!

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  • Which character did you pick?

    I picked the fat, hairy bald guy.

  • I only made it to 10,000 or so points. I’m not sure what you have to do to get that 470,000+ point total on the high score. I did notice that after scoring with three twinks in a row that I got bonus points. So perhaps you have to score with multiples of the same type of guy to get higher points?

    Oh, and I chose the leather daddy for my character.

    I won’t ask what you were doing on Squirt. 😉

  • I went with the leather dude and played long enough to get through two levels. Good fun.

    Perhaps Nintendo’s Mario could now use some improvement. Maybe some sexual gratification between him and his brother Luigi is a bit much, but might be good for a laugh. OH, and don’t act like you think they just hug and kiss that Princess after spending freaking HOURS dodging mushrooms and going through “pipes” to get to her.

  • Definitely the most bizarre game I’ve come across and scarily, I somehow managed to get 60,600 points…

    Where do you find these things???

  • @Daddy Bear… I mean Cliff1976: The first time I went with the Twink, the second time I went with the buff black dude.

    @CQ: Not surprised at your character choice. I noticed the bonus points as well…

    @Snooker: You were almost done with the game. There’s only three levels and the third one takes two minutes….

    @Emily: Congratulations on all the points. I’m not sure where I originally found the game–I saw a reference to it on one of the many other blogs I read, but I forgot to track it, so I owe somebody a hat tip, but I don’t know who it is.

    A couple of notes: this game is awesome because it promotes condom use, something that is a bit rare in current gay culture. Secondly, it’s unrealistic because the character you play is not present in the game–at least when I was a Twink, there were no other Twinks in the game, and as we all know, Twinks only want to fuck themselves…

  • it’s unrealistic because the character you play is not present in the game

    Oh, that’s what makes it unrealistic. Thanks Adam.

    • I, uh…, I have no defense for what I said.

      Of course, the thing is, I’ve known guys who live, as much as possible, the lifestyle suggested by this game.

  • mateo

    It’s crazy that people take the time to create these types of games! But if that’s what it takes to keep the world entertained!

  • mateo

    i think you can only get that many point by continuing to have sex a long time after you’ve already completed your mission.

    • Hmmm… obviously I misunderstood the message that I had completed the level…

      I’ll have to play again. And again.


  • Jul

    Sweet, I got a ‘goldilocks’.

  • I don’t know… but the fact that doing three bears gets you a “Goldilocks” just cracks me up. It could be that it is really funny, or that I’m on my third cup of coffee for the day… I’m not really sure which it is.