May 2022



Today was a planning kind of day.

Originally I’d planned to go for a bike ride, but a hail storm and dark clouds discouraged such a maneuver. Instead I laid down to read a book and was startled when a window that was shut blew open. Apparently it wasn’t shut that tightly-nd another hail storm ensued.

Instead I found myself researching Budapest and Bratislava because Mateo and I are going to tour both lovely capital cities.

Oddly, places to stay in Bratislava are much more expensive than in Budapest. Over in Budapest I’m hoping to have snagged a nice apartment for four nights at 60€ a night. I’ll know tomorrow if my wish came true. In Bratislava, I landed at the same hotel I stayed at last time, this time without a television-55€ a night. A television would have been 23€ more per night!

To get between the two, we’ll be taking a train.

Budapest and Bratislava are the back half of a trip that I should find quite enjoyable. I will be off to see Edward Elgar Publishing, followed by a night and day with my friend Jay in Wales. I’ll have my first overnight ferry experience, Cork and Dublin Ireland, and a few nights in Amsterdam. Along the way I should add three new airlines (Germanwings, SkyEurope/Hungary, SkyEurope/Slovakia) and six new airports: CGN, BHX, DUB, EIV, BUD, and BTS.

Hopefully I can get in a bike ride tomorrow, although when I looked at the weather forecast, it didn’t look promising.

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  • MT

    Glad to see that we were not the only ones with bad weather. Blah. I went into USI today and left the sunroof open on my car. When I saw lightening, I thought “OH (BLEEP)!” Luckily I made it to the car right as the rain started.