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Pat Robertson: Right!

Southern Decadence
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Ok, I am about to admit that Pat Robertson was right.

And yes, I am getting over a cold, but no, the cold didn’t cause my thought process on this point.

The fact is that Pat Robertson messed up three minor details in a prediction: the date, the event, and the location.

As some of you might recall, back in 1998, Pat Roberston made some dire predictions about the consequences of Gay Days at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

VIRGINIA BEACH — Pat Robertson said Orlando, Fla., should beware of hurricanes, since it and Disney World allowed Gay Days to be held there this past weekend.

“I would warn Orlando that you’re right in the way of some serious hurricanes, and I don’t think I’d be waving those flags in God’s face if I were you,” Robertson said Monday on his TV show, “The 700 Club.”

Robertson also said the widespread practice of homosexuality “will bring about terrorist bombs, it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor.”

Gay organizations sponsor the annual Gay Days in Orlando and Disney World. The flags Robertson referred to, paid for by the gay rights groups, have a rainbow design and flew from Orlando’s downtown utility poles during the celebration.

A reporter for “The 700 Club” news department did a segment on Gay Days during Monday’s broadcast, saying the Christian Broadcasting Network had undercover video that was “too graphic to show.” (Source)

So he was wrong about the date: it’s actually in 2005, this week.

He was also wrong about the event: it’s actually Southern Decadence.

And he was wrong about the location: it was really New Orleans.

Yes, you see Hurricane Katrina has hit New Orleans the week before its annual Southern Decadence festival. With its sex in the streets, it is a festival that in many respects makes Mardi Gras look pure and innocent. Everyone I know who’s visited Southern Decadence intentionally has really enjoyed it-and the one couple I know (who will remain nameless) who visited it unintentionally reported that it was- something else.

I was reminded of this odd juxtaposition due to my friend Scotty who posted about his Labor Day plans on his blog today, so for this, I thank you Scotty.

And for a more serious take on the impact of the hurricane and how it might have been mitigated, see MT’s outstanding entry for today, “My Most Important Blog Entry. Ever.

Also check out my extended entry for a nifty idea!

My Nifty Idea:

So, I went exploring on the 700 Club web site, and I found a page entitled “Bring it On” — where you can ask Pat Robertson a question.

So I did.

Dear Pat: Back in 1998 you suggested that a hurricane would hit Orlando, Florida, because of “Gay Days” at Disney World.

Do you think God is punishing New Orleans because of it’s gay “Southern Decadence” celebration that is traditionally held over Labor Day? I think that the obliteration of New Orleans sends a clear message to the unrepentant sinners all over the world and I am curious if you agree.

I think we all should ask Pat a question along these lines, and with any luck, he’ll decide to answer it on air. I cannot predict his answer, but I expect that it would be highly imaginative and amusing.

Do this soon, before Pat gets extradited to Venezuela.

3 comments to Pat Robertson: Right!

  • I laughed when I read this. Grant Storms, The minister that got the laws changes predicted a Hurricate would obliterate New Orleans if Southern decadence was not stopped. I bet he is having a hay day right now. Freakin idiots! I am going to link to this post tonight if you don’t mind.

  • Please do link… I wasn’t aware of Grant Storms.

    I hope he speaks out publicly on this issue soon. We need to hear his enlightened thought process in this time of desperate need and disaster.

  • ChrisC

    Grant STORMS? Surely this is a joke…