October 2021


Support Our Troops

Why has “supporting our troops” been taken over by the Republicans?

I think if the United States learned anything from the Vietnam War, it’s that we can distinguish between the troops who are fighting in a war and the authority figures who are perpetrating the war.

During the First Gulf War there was wide spread understanding of this difference, and we were able to “Support Our Troops” without endorsing the war. Today the phrase “Support Our Troops” seems to simultaneously mean “Support the War,” and that’s bullshit.

I support the troops-more so than most yellow-magnetic-back-of-the-SUV-attached-ribbon people out there. I support higher pay for people in the military. I support better health care for people in the military. I support arming the troops appropriately. I even support raising taxes to do so, as needed.

I also support taking the troops out of Iraq.

I came to this conclusions because in the past few months I have yet to imagine a scenario where the United States can make a graceful and dignified exit from Iraq.

In the first scenario, we do the right thing and complete the moral mission: except we are unable to do so because unlike World War II, the enemy is ill-defined and well hidden. It’s an awful lot like Vietnam, and we end up pulling out after a few more years leaving Iraq to fight a civil war while the United States, and the rest of the world, watch helplessly from the sidelines.

In the second scenario, we pull out in the near future, leaving Iraq to fight a civil war while the United States, and the rest of the world, watch helplessly from the sidelines.

The difference between the two scenarios? In the second scenario we cut our losses: fewer troops die, fewer American bodies are buried, less money is wasted.

As far as I am concerned, the most remarkable thing about the Republicans is not the leadership, but rather the followers who assume that because the President says war in Iraq is right that it is right, and that because the Mother of a dead US Soldier killed in Iraq wants to meet the president in Crawford, that she’s a wild-eyed crazed woman.

In America, when did dissent become treason?

3 comments to Support Our Troops

  • MT

    All I can say is “Amen, Brother.”
    I guess that makes me a liberal college professor who hates America and lets her dog pee on the flag. (There’s a backstory for the last half of that sentence.)

  • ChrisC

    Don’t worry! If things keep going the way they are now, we’ll have a Democratic resurgence soon. The Shurb is polling in the low 40’s and threating to slip into the 30’s now. Too bad this didn’t happen LAST September.

    What I’m seeing is the White House spin machine not facing the reality of Bush’s situation; the public doesn’t support him anymore. Last poll I saw shows that 56% of people think he is doing a bad job.

    Now Bush will likely not care, but his party doesn’t want to lose Senate seats, House seats, and ultimately the Presidency in 2008. This is why I’m guessing we’re seeing Republican Congressmen and Senators becomming increasingly distant from him. Unfortunately for them, they are saddled with this boob.

  • MT

    Awwww Chris. Don’t insult the boobs of the world.