September 2021


Dublin Rant .Expanded

Some of you might have noticed in my last substantive blog entry that I was a bit upset. This was to be expected after my series of misfortunes in Dublin-the only bad thing that happened that didn’t directly happen to me was the dog getting hit.

Anyhow, after my glasses got scratched, I basically stopped liking Dublin and stopped spending money except on necessities: I bought food from Marks & Spencer’s (supporting a British company), I had two drinks to settle my nerves (supporting a gay bar), three more post cards (a venue to vent), and the lens for my glasses.

I hope none of this supported the company that puts on Zozimus Ghost Tour.

In retrospect we were easy targets at this point in the tour, and I am royally pissed at the tour operator. There’s no excuse to bring a group of tourists through a gate into an area where there are high walls on either side of us and prime opportunity for assholes to throw stones that scratch glasses and have the ability to hurt people. Naturally they do this tour nightly so that hoodlums know that every evening there is going to be an easy and unsuspecting group to target with their misdeeds: We were sitting ducks, in part because we’d already been lulled into complacency by expecting unexpected surprises and not taking appropriate cover as quickly as we should have.

The amazing thing is that this tour comes highly recommended, and is even promoted via posters on the grounds of the Dublin Castle.

I’ve traveled a lot of places and this is the first time in a long time that I feel like I’ve been scammed. My sense of anger grew when the night clerk at my hotel recognized what had happened to me, suggesting that this wasn’t the first time people on the ghost tour had been targeted. And the language of the tour actors suggested that they too were not surprised by the incident.

Ireland is a beautiful country-as green as I anticipated-and a city I’d never really heard of before turned out to have a great deal of charm and interesting things to do-Cork.

Unfortunately I’m officially soured on Dublin. It will be a dark day before I return to Dublin and spend any additional €uros in their city.

I really am pissed off.

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  • ChrisC

    Gee, that incident with the rocks sounds an awful lot like that run-by fruiting we experienced on the Thames in London… Only scarier!