August 2022



It’s amazing how much I remember about Bratislava from my ~18 hour visit a few years back-and its amazing how much the city has progressed. I would say that the city looks remarkably better over the past several years. I cannot put my finger on any one thing to justify my opinion, it’s just a feeling.

I am happy to report that I’ve actually been able to be a real-life tourist this time, getting out and seeing more that what I could see walking around in the evening last time. This time Mateo and I made it across the Danube River on foot, up the Nový Most (New Bridge–aka UFO), back across the river and into a couple of museums before making the climb to the top of the hill and onto the grounds of the Bratislava Castle.

The castle is not the pretty castle that I’ve ever seen, nor is it run down. It’s just there hiding what is surely one of the best kept secrets in Bratislava, the Slovenské národné múzeum (Slovak National Museum). We spent quite awhile in the museum looking at puppets, wedding gowns, a huge collection of Art Nuevo furniture, and medieval weaponry. Unfortunately sensory overload set in after awhile and I stopped absorbing information-fortunately it was on the top floor nearing the end of the exhibits.

The city has a great deal of charm-the people are friendly, the air is clean, and streets much nicer than the last time I was here. (The last time, I encountered a hooker who would not leave me alone, so instead of going out that night, I opted to stay in and go to bed early.)

Hotel Review: We stayed at the same hotel I stayed at a few years back, the Kyjev Hotel, which unsurprisingly, has not really changed. The elevators are highly suspect, the decor retro-odd, and the towels wafer thin. We saved 23€ a night by not having a television-which we didn’t miss. The best thing about the hotel is its excellent breakfast buffet which is served for four hours each morning-there’s a lavish spread with something for everyone. The most significant thing to have changed is the presence of an enormous advertisement covering the hotel’s façade. It made it impossible to look out the window, although we got lucky since we were at the end of the building, so we could poke our cameras out the edge of the sign and snap some photos. In case you’re wondering, the advertisement is for a mobile telephone company: Orange. Screw the French.

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