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Fired Up for Yummy Heroes

Rescue Me!

Rescue Me!

I thought it would be too early to pick up 2010 calendars in October, but I’m happy to report that whilst in Denver, I picked up the 2010 “Fired Up for Kids” calendar that supports the Children’s Hospital Burn Unit in Denver.

The calendar features 15 different firefighters from across Colorado (12 months, plus December 2009, January 2011, and a special cover guy). They are, with one exception, people I’d invite back home. In fact, I might even strike a match and dial 9-1-1 (If they were in Weimar, I’d gladly dial 1-1-2) to get them to come to my place, pretend to need CPR and let them do mouth-to-mouth CPR.

Actually the calendar is far better than the one I chose for this year, the Professional Bull Riders calendar that, as I noted,

Out of the 12 months, four have bare/exposed chests, two are wearing wife beaters, one is strumming a guitar, two are wearing chaps, and all 12 are wearing Cowboy hats.

For the record: Out of the 15 models, 14 have bare/exposed chests, zero have a guitar, none have chaps, 13 are wearing firemen’s helmets, and one—thankfully just one—is wearing a sports bra.


I'm not looking forward to June.

I'm not looking forward to June.

9 comments to Fired Up for Yummy Heroes

  • Gawd, she looks more muscular than the guys. You don’t suppose she could be…..?

  • You can send the June page to me! 🙂


  • mateo

    When you mentioned a sports bra, I was relieved to see a woman when I scrolled further down the page! You can always tape some other photo over her when you get to June!

  • Picture 1 = WOOF!

    Picture 2 = Eeek! My penis wants to leap off my body and go hide in a corner! Of course, that’s only if I think of her in a sexual way, which being gay isn’t likely to happen. 🙂

  • disenchanted

    Ah, she’s not that bad to look at. BTW, we have the Firefighters Challenge all weekend just down the street. Too bad our firefighters are good looking. 😛

  • starman1695 – I dunno. She seems hetero to me… but I’m clueless when it comes to women.

    Emily – that will make May’s dates disappear… and I like Mr. May.

    mateo – can you send me a photo of you?

    Cynical Queer – Most of the men I’d marry… they’re hot.

    disenchanted – do you see your firefighters topless or in complete uniform?

  • How strange to include her in a calendar which was obviously directed toward people who find men attractive.

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