January 2022


Thüringens heißeste Feuerwehrmänner

One of my colleagues taking a quick spin through my vacation photos on the old blog noticed the “Fired Up” photos of Colorado’s firemen and told me about the Antenne Thüringen contest to find Thüringen’s hottest fireman; sponsored by Original Greußener Salami.

It turns out that while I might intentionally set fire to my home and then dial 9-1-1 in order to receive mouth-to-mouth from the firemen of Colorado, I’m not so sure I’d set fire to my home and then dial 1-1-2 in Thüringen.

That's not working for me.

That's not working for me.

Subtle. Not.

Subtle. Not.

Awe! He's Cute!

Awe! He's Cute!

Then again, none of the candidates posted, so far, are from Weimar.

Voting starts on October 23rd.

7 comments to Thüringens heißeste Feuerwehrmänner

  • disenchanted

    Ha, ha, ha! That reminds me of The Fully Monty (without the full monty, of course). I think Europeans are more comfortable with their bodies than Americans are.

  • Those photos would be like putting me on the calendar. LOL Of course I was gardening in Big D’s Private back yard yesterday without a stitch on… (I’m mailing the eye bleach to you now).

    That last one is cute in a caveman sort of way. Oh, you meant the baby. 😉

  • Khaled

    Gawd, Ossis tryin’ to be funny. What will they of next? Angela Merkel beauty contest???

  • Michele J

    Hilarious. Gotta love the salami sponsorship. I find them refreshingly unselfconscious. Florian can put out my fire any day. And did you see the trio from Remptendorf, currently on page 7? The signal to noise might be lower than in Colorado, but I bet a professional photographer could put together a fine calendar.

  • disenchanted – I think they are more comfortable, but I suspect a form of hazing is also going on here — not everybody really wants to expose themselves to the world. At least I suspect not.

    Cynical Queer – I really do find the firefighter holding the baby to be cute — even if he’s sticking out his tongue–it’s what one does with a baby who’s sticking out his tongue.

    Kahled – errr….

    Michele L – I hope you don’t mind that I changed how your hyperlink appeared– Maybe we should tell the firemen here about the calendar in Colorado and how it raises money for a hospital.

  • The guy with the baby is cute. Or could be without the tongue sticking out.