April 2020


Sorry! Not really…

I must apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I do have a good excuse, really! I was at the grocery store last night making some last minute purchases, when I noticed that they were selling bottles of Primeur Beaujolais-Villages wine for less than 2€.

I bought a bottle, brought it home, opened it, and promptly drank half the bottle whilst cooking dinner, and then another quarter of the bottle while eating dinner, leaving me completely plastered by, oh, 7:00.

The good news was that I managed to start the dishwasher and pack up a lot of my belongings (all the belongings that are not going to the States—I needed to put them in the attic this evening) along with other mundane crap. I was completely exhausted by 8, but didn’t fall into bed until much later because I was trying to download something that kept crashing.

Needless to say, I slept well. I fell asleep within a few minutes of my head touching the pillow and the alarm at 5:30 was a rude awakening—fortunately without a hangover. (Only Bass Beer has a proven track record of causing hangovers in me.)

I popped out of bed, into the shower, and was scrubbing up when I suddenly realized that I’d managed to pack all of my shirts—so I ended up wearing one of my Cyber-Dog clubbing T-Shirts to work today since I didn’t feel like trying to drag a shirt out of the storage bin.

After all of that, I had a long day in the office, managing to get most of the things done that I needed to get done before the deadline demon attacks at noon tomorrow–the hour I leave town.

I returned home by way of the market downtown, where I picked up a couple of last minute gifts, followed by another trip to the supermarket where I picked up a few more things—going through Barcode Boy’s checkout line—I’m pretty sure he’s gay now.

Upon returning home, I opened the attic stairs, and turned on the light so that I could see where I was putting my things.

Unfortunately the light had burned out—and since it was now 7, with total sunlight available equaling zero, I had to feel my way up the stairs.

Such Fun.

NOLABarLeipzig.jpgOn a more amusing note, the flag on the left is on the homepage for a gay bar in Leipzig, Germany–specifically the New Orleans American Bar. Somehow the symbolic meaning is lost in translation, for if this were outside a gay bar in the States, I would probably just move on.

4 comments to Sorry! Not really…

  • ChrisC

    Perhaps you should politely notify the proprietor of the bar that in the US that flag is offensive to most gay people. They probably would not want something that is offensive to gays in America representing their take on American gay culture.

  • Hi Adam! Yeah, that flag is offensive to gay people as you know AND to people of color. I am from the south originally–born in Florida, but lived mostly in Raleigh, North Carolina–and that flag is horrible! I am sure you know all of this. 🙂 Have a good trip! Stay in touch. James in San Francisco, soon in Dusseldorf!!!

  • I’m hesitant to try and explain to the bar owners why the flag is probably an unwise choice principally because I might be asked to defend the States and its policies, which is something I’m not really able to do… especially since I don’t agree with them.

  • ChrisC

    Lucky James! I unfortunately moved the EXACT opposite direction and left San Francisco for Greensboro, NC. Please kidnap me and take me back to San Francisco!

    Adam, Europeans think all Americans support the policies of the government? Strange. I would assume a simple, “I don’t agree with those policies…” would be sufficient.