May 2020


Winter Clothes

I’ve probably already said it, but moving 4,500 miles makes you consider what you’re taking with you. Fortunately I have two trips in which to cram as much crap as I want can. The first is next week.

Today I started packing my big suitcase with clothing; specifically winter clothing. I’m starting to make choices. Two shirts are out now – one because I don’t like it any more, and the other because although I love it, it has a stain on it that I don’t recall having seen before-and that automatically disqualified it from moving. Goodwill will be getting that one. I’m also considering getting rid of my incredibly comfortable long sleeved flannel shirt. It’s a great shirt, but it is a bright yellow, and I’m afraid that in Germany it might cause me to stand out a bit more than I want to.

I also weeded a few more books-found a box full that I will take over to the public library so that they can put them up for sale. Among the more dubious finds in my bookcase was “Marky Mark,” a coffee table book written by Marky Mark and dedicated to his dick. Why on earth did I ever find him attractive? What?s sad is that I still do! Anybody want to claim this gem? (Locally only – if you want it and you’re not in Bloomington, there are shipping fees.)

All of this sounds rather blah, but it must be done! It seems I am scaring Mike – he’s moving to Cleveland and doesn’t want to think about it yet.

4 comments to Winter Clothes

  • koko

    I hope to hear back from UC-Davis soon…keep your fingers crossed and I can whine about save and purge process of moving too! Then next year…off to NZ!!!!! w00t!

  • IUMike

    Remind me to tell you about both Davis and NZ before I leave, Koko. BTW, what is w00t?

  • wOOt is an excited sound… try saying it aloud… or from Urban Dicitionary:

    1) An expression of joy and excitement.

    2) It’s a state of mind where everything is cool. Wootness differs from chonkey in the sense that it is more ‘style-related’ : how you do things from day-to-day and how they end up based on the approach you took to do those things you do. When all things are going well in your own life, that’s when you know that the wootness flows through you like water – it’s a part of you – it’s natural to you…When everything goes your way – or for the most part goes your way – that’s when you know you have the power of woot within you…All of us do, it can come from time to time – or disappear for a long time, or simply stay w/ us our whole lives – we just have to believe in it…

    I’m not sure if it hyperlinks but the link is http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=w00t&b=1 (and you can hear it said too!)

  • w00t w00t

    yay mike! I love stories!!!!! I cannot wait to hear them. BTW, when do you leave?