July 2022


Brokeback Bareback Mountain

Ok, I know I wasn’t the only person who heard the name of that gay movie featuring cowboys in Wyoming and thought to themselves, “Bareback Mountain?! WTF?!” My mistake in hearing (or reading) caused me to wonder if, in fact, a great joke was being pulled on the American public (much like South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut — I mean, how gay porno title is that?!)

Just as quickly, somebody corrected me and told me it was actually Brokeback Mountain.

However, there are actually two Bareback Mountains out now.

The first is a wonderful spoof of the film–a trailer for Bareback Mountain: “A man and his horse–that just ain’t right.”

The second Bareback Mountain (NSFW: photos on link!) is the expected pornographic film, set to be released 31 January:

Hot 19 year old, Jason Raze and 19 year old, Hunter Wylde start this rodeo out with a hot suck fuck fest. Rather than beating around the bush, Jason is waiting with his hard cock for Hunter to get down on his knees and give him some oral pleasure. Hunter takes a knee and begins to suck and lick Jason’s big hard cock. No rodeo is complete without some riding right? Hunter lies on the bed face down, yank down his jeans and eagerly awaits Jason’s hard cock. Jason climbs on board and shoves his huge hard cock into Hunter’s tight asshole. Fucking continues. Jason lies down on the bed hard cock up, and Hunter with his back facing Jason, slowly sits down on Jason’s cock, then begins riding his hard cock until he can’t take it. Hunter blows a huge load out from his hard cock while riding Jason. Jason pushes Hunter forward and blows his load all over Hunter’s back, hitting Hunter in the face. Great kick off to this very hot film.

After watching the real film and the short film, I’m still not certain which one is the best, and I’m willing to bet that the pornographic version will also be good. Perhaps I need to try and see that one as well.

And for the record: I have barebacked in my life. On a horse.

6 comments to Brokeback Bareback Mountain

  • ChrisC

    You barebacked a horse?

    And I thought I had bizarre ideas…

  • Ed

    Don’t you think it would be better if the actors in Brokeback Mountain were really Gay? It seems to me that to have straight men pretending to be gay but having the audience know that for real they aren’t just ain’t right. Then if the stars were truly gay the film would bomb at the box office becuase no straight man would be caught dead there. Still I think it is the same as when they used to paint white guys faces black to portray black men on film. What would happen if they did this today? Maybe it is a small step for gay mankind though so I guess it’s okay. I can’t wait to see the xxx rated version, at least they know who they really are! Ed

  • ChrisC

    I don’t know Ed… I’ve seen “documentaries” on pay cable channels that suggest some men in gay porn are “gay for pay.”

    There was one performing on camera that had his girlfriend persent watching from behind the camera.

  • Ed, your comment about straight men playing gay roles versus black-face actors in the past is very interesting, and something I heard a gay poet/activist complain about recently (Ragan Fox). Black-face is offensive now, and there’s no reason “gay-face” shouldn’t be either.

    On the other hand, it’s really good that straight men aren’t afraid to play gay now–they aren’t afraid of what it will do to their future career…

    So who knows…

    As for the gay porn stars, as ChrisC has pointed out, many of them are “gay for pay.” In fact most of the major stars are “straight” and will only top– then eventually they do more, until they do the ultimate gay act, at which point their career is usually over.

  • ChrisC

    Most in the small audience I watched it with in DuPont Cirlce this weekend were not impressed. I was impressed, but more for the scenery of the US West than for the storyline.

  • Chris, the filming of Brokeback Mountain was in Canada.

    Or did you mean Bareback Mountain?