October 2021



I was going to use the word “coda” in a blog entry, when out of the blue, MT used it in her Bluegrass entry. Grrrrr….

I’m using it anyway.

Kyiv was, in many ways, a perfect coda to Lisbon.

In Lisbon, I took a funicular—the first funicular I’d taken in years. I repeated this in Kyiv, when I took another funicular. I probably won’t ride another one for several years.

In Lisbon, I went to “Cabo da Roca,” the western most point of continental Europe. This was the first place I’ve gone in a long time that my mother and sister both proclaimed, “I want to go there.” I felt this was odd since it was only a rock outcropping and certainly I wouldn’t have gone to Lisbon just for the rocks.

However, while flying from Berlin to Kyiv, I read the inflight magazine, and the chief pilot was talking about his love of travel—including travel to Lisbon, where he was pictured, standing at the “Cabo da Roca” monument.

There would have been a third moment of symmetry had Katya and I gone to the Golden Gate in Kyiv, the historic gateway to the city. This would have matched the fact that I strolled under Lisbon’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Unfortunately this was not to be. We ended up running out of time, which only means that I should return to Kyiv.

On the other hand, I just found inexpensive weeklong tours of Russia, plus I want to go to Rome, Poland, and Latvia. So many places, so little time.flyi

2 comments to Coda

  • MT

    Ah … we just think alike. 😉

  • Annie

    There is a train from Berlin to Kaliningrad (where my grandfather is from). I always wanted to take it. Wanna join me there?

    Check my flickr for new pics from NYC, Washington and Matt!

    Greetings, Annie