April 2021


Sorry! Yesterday either my blog was hacked or I was delusional.

My apologies to everybody for my post yesterday—I saw it upon my arrival to the States and I honestly do not remember writing it. II would never say “I love Frankfurt”—such a statement is outlandish.

Clearly I was either delusional when I wrote that tripe or my blog was hacked.


Happy April Fool’s Day!

(And the truth is that at 4pm, I was desperately bored and depressed; thankfully HeisseScheisse saw my Tweets, realized I was in Frankfurt, and invited me over to meet Max, share wine, and eat pizza. This made my time in Frankfurt wonderful, but of course I wasn’t actually in Frankfurt. I was far away from Frankfurt.)

6 comments to Sorry! Yesterday either my blog was hacked or I was delusional.

  • koko

    It’s easy to love a place if you’ve got good company and wine!

  • Reko

    I’m so confused.

  • Your April Fools stuff has to be less subtle, Adam. Saying you’re going to move there because you fell in love with the place, for example. 🙂

  • jen

    The company was Fabu. ANYTIME you are in the area, your are required to come over. I promise next time to show you more than the two streets we drove up and down looking for pizza!

  • koko – how true; hence Indianapolis is enjoyable!

    starman1695 – sorry 🙂

    Reko – April 1st is a day known as “April Fool’s Day”, in which people play jokes on one another, like suggesting that Frankfurt is actually a nice city!

    ian – Next time!

    jen – I might actually come to like being in the vicinity of Frankfurt…