October 2021


It’s Wyoming Canada

Sad, but true: People think Wyoming’s Brokeback Mountain is beautiful and want to visit.

Too bad it’s Canadian scenery.

4 comments to It’s Wyoming Canada

  • ChrisC

    Considering the track record that Wyoming has with regard to gay rights, I dare to say that *they* didn’t deserve to have the movie filmed there.

    Just on principle I would have filmed in Canada myself.

  • Wyoming’s track record on gay rights isn’t perfect, but I do not think the state deserves the dark mark you give it.

    Their response to Matthew Shepard was perfect–the crime was solved incredibly quickly, and the citizens of Wyoming have responded to Fred Phelps as well as, if not better than, citizens elsewhere.

    Wyoming may be a conservative state, but it’s a fiscally conservative state–with only a slight tinge of social conservatism.

    I would gladly move back to Wyoming, but only if I had a boyfriend when I did.

  • The Alberta film board kicked in some financial incentives for the movie, and they wound up be listed as a “co-producer” of the movie. I’m not sure where the rodeo scenes were filmed though…

  • i’m such a dumbass. i was under the impression that ol’ brokeback mt, was just one of those run o’ the mill stupid cowboy movies. someone informed me that it was a queer cowboy flick, and i was embarassed to admit i hadn’t seen it. i think because the word ‘mountain’ is in the title, and i try to avoid any movie with the word ‘mountain’ in it. if it had been titled, ‘hot steamy gay sex’ i’d have hit the theatres faster. feh. i’ll let you know what i think. forgive me for not being on top of my game.