November 2021


Success… Mostly.


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The party last night was mostly a success—There were no disasters—the beer was cold, the food tasted good, and the apartment was sufficiently clean.

I’ve spent today cleaning the flat: washing dishes, hunting for missing glasses, putting stuff where it belongs, and otherwise straightening up. Everything is perfect, except for the floors, but the maid is coming tomorrow, so I didn’t feel like mopping them clean in advance of a professional.

So what was the problem? I was wearing my Cornhole T-Shirt at the start of the party—a t-shirt that goes by completely un-understood in Germany, except by Americans, and even then, most of them have no clue that it’s really innocent.

Somehow I spilled guacamole on the shirt—and although I’ve washed it twice and stuck a lot of Shout stain remover on it, there is now a small square inch pale green stain on the front of the shirt.

Mind you that this is my second copy of this t-shirt. The first one suffered mysterious burns in the German dryer last year (the only object of clothing to have suffered this peculiar problem).

There is now more Shout on the shirt and I’m hoping that the stain will come out tomorrow.

Otherwise I might have to order a third shirt even though I’ve never cornholed in my life.

At least not the kind that the t-shirt promotes.

7 comments to Success… Mostly.

  • Ed

    Do you have the Bleach stick over there? I believe it will remove that spot from your cornhole/corntoss shirt. I am sure you can get one when you get back in the states.
    We are having winter now too. The robins were back the daffodils and tulips are starting to come up, and now winter decides to make an appearance. if Winter comes, can spring be far behind? 🙂

  • MT

    Bummer. Just ask yourself WWMD? (What would Martha Do?) LOL.

  • I have played Corn Holing at Camp Buckwood of all places…and it was the innocent kind I swear!

    I am trying to find out how to set up a subscription in I-Tunes, however I can’t do it from here because of Websense Blcking software. Argh!

  • koko

    Dear Adam,
    Do you remember the overly excited screaming man on the oxiclean commercials?? I think he’s telling me to tell you to use oxiclean.

    No seriously, oxiclean would totally get it out. It got wine out of my carpet that was in my closet. Now it doesn’t look like I murdered a wine glass in my closet! 😉 (don’t ask why i was drinking in my closet)

  • I think that my shirt is clean… I left shout on the shirt overnight and then hung the stain in the sunny window — I think it got about 3-4 hours of sunshine before the clouds rolled in again.

    Once I got home I poured detergent directly onto the stain and then washed it.

    It looked ok when it came out of the wash… but I have hung it in the window again and will look at it in the morning again to make sure.

  • And Scotty…

    I bet you’ve played BOTH kinds of Cornhole at Camp Buckwood, although I was surprised to hear that the innocent kind goes on there!

  • jen

    you keep ruining the shirt because it’s white. you need to see if you can get it in another color, or dye the one you have. everyone know that queers never do well with white.